Grace University is simply a Bible based discipleship program through which you will be invited to grow closer to God.  You will be challenged spiritually and to grow in every aspect of your life to fulfill the first and second greatest commandment:

Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart
and with all your soul and with all your mind.”
  Matthew 22:37

The purpose and goal is not to simply complete the program for the sake of saying you finished, but more so the means and process that took place along the journey.  This journey is broken up into 3 parts that can be completed in any order.

3 Part Journey Through Spiritual Growth:

1.   Go Through the “Next Step” Classes:

These 4 classes build off of one another and teach not only the basics of who we are here at Grace, but also lays the foundation for what we believe is a fully devoted disciple of Christ:

-101: Discovering Grace

  Basic membership class - 101 helps you begin to see how our church family functions.

-201: Discovering Spiritual Maturity

  201 teaches the Biblical habits necessary for spiritual growth.  

-301: Discovering My Ministry

  God has given every Christian a unique SHAPE and has designed you personally to serve Him effectively in the church.  This is followed by a voluntary 310 interview with one of our pastors to discuss the many ministries and groups that you may fit into.

-401: Discovering My Mission

  Discover how your mission as a Christian is to use your relationship with Christ, your Spiritual gifts and your ministries to reach others with Christ's Love. 

2.    Read through the entire Bible :

You can choose to do this as part of a group study, by attending a mid-week service or reading on your own. 

To get credit for the book, you must read/study the entire book and submit a written summary to a Pastor detailing:

1.What did God reveal to me about who He is?

2.What did God reveal to me about who I am in Christ?

3.What did God reveal to me about His purposes for me as a follower of Christ?

3.    Take MasterLife Classes:

This study consists of 4 separate 7-week books that build off of one another.  Through this study, you will  have the opportunity to learn and develop a long-lasting, obedient relationship with God:

-Book 1: The Disciple’s Cross

-Book 2: The Disciple’s Personality

-Book 3: The Disciple’s Victory

-Book 4: The Disciple’s Mission

Pick up a Grace University booklet to help you track your progress!  It is also full of tips to help you succeed in thie journey through God's Word!  They're available at the information desk, as well as in the office!