Calling all 6th-12th Grade girls!

Have you ever had a question that you wished you could ask a woman, but you were worried what they might think of you?
Have you ever wanted someone to walk you through this teen life with love and wisdom rather than just giving you a list of do's and don'ts?

What if it wasn't about rules for what to wear and when to date, but realizing that none of that matters without a fire that burns for Jesus? 
What if we realized no man could love us more than Jesus already has, and that there's no real worth in Magic Mike? 
What if we actually answered your questions with wisdom instead of a judgmental glare? 
How would our society change?

This is something to definitely invite your friends too. Gospel will be shared each time. 
Last Monday of the Month.  Dinner served at 6pm and the lesson begins at 6:30pm