On his last night before his death, Jesus shared a meal with his disciples.  During that meal, he gave the 12 and all his future disciples instruction on how to remember his sacrifice.  

Jesus took a cup of wine and said that it is to symbolize his blood that he shed for us on the cross to cover our sins.  Then he took a piece of bread and said that it is to symbolize his body that was beaten and broken for us.  Whenever we come together as believers and share the cup and the bread, we not only remember what Jesus did for us on the cross, but we also proclaim that he is the Way, the Truth and the Life and he will be returning!

At Grace, we share in the Lord's Supper often in small groups, Bible Studies and during special services.   We also share in Communion together as a body after the sermon at the 1st Thursday Night Service of each month.  Rather than wine, we choose to use grape juice.

We have no requirements to take communion outside those that are outlined in scripture: Jesus is your Lord and Savior and you are right with God and others. 

If you have any questions about communion, please contact the office.